The Ball Game Movie

If you’re into campy, lo-fi, highly-improvised home movies from the 90’s then this post is for you.

I have a certain old, analog Hi8 tape and I’ve been meaning to digitize it for a very long time. It’s over two hours of obnoxious teenage me attempting to make short, funny movies with my immediate & extended family. The picture has become a bit corrupt with age and I had to take it to a place to salvage the audio track, which I feared had vanished completely.

Some of the best memories and most fun I’ve ever had happened as a kid and teenager when I would get together with my many cousins. In the latter part of the 90’s it was often me, Mike, Jesse, Danny, Rachel, Adrienne, Nigel, Alex, Marcus, Alan, and Malcolm spending countless hours on Goldeneye or Mario Kart, on the trampoline, and sometimes making movies. Nigel has died, he was part of this group of best friends. I cherish the bond I felt we all had (and have)–it’s something special when you have a group where you not only feel like you can be yourself, but you are yourself when you’re with them. Thank you all, I love you.

Here’s a video that always seemed to stand out more than others, maybe because so many of us were involved. I hope Marcus and the rest of you don’t mind being immortalized in this way.


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