Science (Super 8, 2004)

Before I began my film major at BYU in 2004, I took Tim Irwin’s Super 8mm film class. We would produce films and watch cool documentaries (anyone else seen The Cruise?). It was a great class.

For one assignment, I rounded up some friends n neighbors and shot this in just a few hours. I had to shoot it in sequence (film editing was a later lesson). I got the idea one day as I was walking toward the law building and thought it could pass as sort of a futuristic setting.


Isn’t Brad terrific?

I uploaded this to YouTube just a few days after I posted the Apokalypse Klown and The Texas Pop-Tarts Massacre posts last year. I hesitated posting this one for so long because I had hoped to eventually edit together and post an alternate-music version for a comparison. Now here we are months later, and I’m in “screw it, just make it public” mode.

One of the best lessons I’ve learned about making videos is that I can be wrong about things, even in situations where I feel very confident about an idea. By “wrong,” I mean “other people see it differently, whether it’s the opinion of a person I trust or a general consensus of opinion among many.” There’s a much better example of this notion I can illustrate with a different video later, but for now this quick note is about the music here. I was convinced that Geoff Muldar’s Brazil was perfect for this, and maybe it still is. Brad, the star, recommended that I use some 60’s-alien-movie-type theremin instrumental music instead. I entertained the idea but thought Brazil was funnier. Watching it now, I’m not so sure; it’s possible the theremin may have made this funnier, or at least just as funny but with a different–perhaps even more sophisticated?–tone. Maybe the best way to make a parody of a genre is to maintain more elements from the genre itself. And besides, a song about Brazil from the 1985 movie Brazil may not feel like a motivated placement here. Oh well. Who do I think I am, some kind of George Lucas making tweaks to something I already declared finished years ago?

I also just realized that it’s way too bad I waited as long as I did to post this–Scientist Brad travelled to 2014 and I missed it. If only I had posted this 34 days ago.

From what I remember, we all had fun making this. These little gems from the past were my babies. Thanks all.


One thought on “Science (Super 8, 2004)

  1. This looks waaay to good to be shot in 8mm. Am I just that bad an observer, or are you just that awesome. Wait. Never mind. I know the answer.

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