December 2013

[Pssst: there’s a photo of the four of us at the very end of this post. Guess which one of us was picking his/her nose!]

In the “We Are Darlings” department:

2013-12 - 01

In December we had a photo session with Jocelyn at Pink Lemonade Photography.

2013-12 - 02

From the moment we got out of the car, Josie was confused beyond reason. See those pants? The only thing standing between her pudgy baby legs and bitter winter temperatures is a super-thin layer of jeggings. She’s not smiling in this next one, her teeth are just chattering:

2013-12 - 03

But doesn’t she look great? I guess the key to getting good pictures from a baby/toddler is to completely disorient them, it bought us at least 10 solid minutes. Thanks Jos! We love you!

Side note: whenever I type “Jos,” it’s with a long O, like the O in the word “boat.”

Gavin enjoyed sitting on this “poof.”

2013-12 - 04

(And no, for those of you in the know, he hasn’t seen Arrested Development, he just thinks certain words/phrases are hilarious , like “poof,” “floppy,” and “rule of threes.” I couldn’t think of a third one, but there have been lots of funny words. I’ll ask Rebecca later and put them in the comments. Or I’ll just make her do it, she’ll read this later. Hey honey, think of more and type them in a comment below.)

Look at this kid!

2013-12 - 05

2013-12 - 06

The above picture looks perfect until you see that Josie’s licking her vest–then, of course, it’s even more perfect.

More pictures:

2013-12 - 07

2013-12 - 08

2013-12 - 09

Below: a project. I searched for well over a few minutes but I couldn’t find a completely “before” picture, and I don’t feel like photoshopping this, so just imagine the mud room without a horizontal bar on the wall.

2013-12 - 10

Now to patch up the “screw holes,” as they’re called . . .

2013-12 - 11

Now apply a “paint” . . .

2013-12 - 12

Then the “dual-hooky loos” you buy on Amazon . . .
2013-12 - 13

Add all the things . . .

2013-12 - 14

BAM it’s done. Rad. Also ask us about our spice racks (not pictured).

Rebecca wanted to find a map and hang it in Gavin’s room. She found this one at a store, we hung it up all perfect-like, and she wanted to take a picture of the new wall:

2013-12 - 15

. . . did you see it? Look again.

That’s Gavin’s head in the lower right corner. If I remember right, he was probably getting ready for his bath (which apparently involves him removing his clothes and throwing them) and his undies were in mid-flight just as Rebecca was snapping this gem. We should probably get a large canvas print of THIS and hang it on his wall. Ha! Maybe this will become a new phenomenon, like planking–toss a pair of underpants in front of someone’s camera just as they’re taking a picture. Hilarious.



2013-12 - 16

Ready for church:

2013-12 - 17

And ready to go outside with Daddy:

2013-12 - 18

And this was at a church Christmas party. Have your guesses ready . . .

2013-12 - 19

It was Ol’ Jos! Josie was the one picking her nose and we didn’t find out til later. Whoever guessed Rebecca or Gavin: you ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Whoever guessed me: I can see how you got that but you should still feel shame.

So . . . Merry Christmas, I guess. Except it’s February now.


One thought on “December 2013

  1. Other words Gavin has found hilarious include baggy and bubbles. I know there are a million more, but that’s all I can think of right off.

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