November 2013

I recently learned that WordPress started posting ads on blogs that aren’t premium. So, you’ll probably see ads at the bottom of my posts sometimes. Should I switch to blogger? Or should I host a blog on my site? Maybe I’ll do that.

We didn’t take many pictures in November. How can you tell? I’m leading off this post with a picture of the worst spider. If I had tons of pictures of us then I’d probably omit this, but for the sake of filling out a blog post and freaking out squeamish people, here:


Thankfully, this was found OUTSIDE the dining room window. If it was inside the house we would have moved already. Uuugly thing. Any spider aficionados want to identify this? I didn’t do anything about it, don’t want to interfere with nature, you know. I subscribe to frames of mind as it’s convenient for me.

Let’s cleanse the visual palate with a sweet girl:



Gavin making the letter X:


Is Josie trying to make a letter too? A lowercase I, maybe? A terrible letter P? I don’t know.


Josie hiding in the cupboard. Gavin would do the same thing (sometimes still does). Here’s a picture of him from January 2012, I had to dig around a bit for it.


Really, that’s all I have. When I said we didn’t take many pictures in November, that wasn’t true. We took a ton, but they were of stuff, not people. For example, we almost made an offer on a nice house and took a lot of pictures of that but then literally at the last minute we decided to stay where we are. We felt bad because the sellers were people we know and like, and they were in a hurry to sell, but we knew this was the right decision for us. We started a great project in the mud room in November, so I thought I’d be able to post a before/after picture of that, but I guess we finished that in December. If there’s something readers can’t get enough of, it’s people telling the riveting stories about how they thought they would have more to show & say but don’t. I’d say more but I don’t want to get anyone too worked up–it wouldn’t be fair for me to make this paragraph the high point of your day because then nothing else would be able to compete.

Hey, what about this:


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