Photos from June 2013

FromJune - 01

FromJune - 02He loves his trike.


FromJune - 03

FromJune - 04

FromJune - 05Ha!


FromJune - 06

FromJune - 07Gavin had fun riding the train for the first time at the Springville Art City Days fair. He got to sit in the front seat.


FromJune - 08

FromJune - 10Josie turned 1 in June, began walking full-time on the same day.


FromJune - 11Same out fit, more chubby cheeks.


FromJune - 12

FromJune - 13

FromJune - 14

FromJune - 15

FromJune - 16

FromJune - 17

FromJune - 18

FromJune - 19Breaking news: the girl is now eating dairy and soy, which means Rebecca is also now eating dairy and soy. Oh happy day! Look at that cheese.


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