Man Wears Walter White Costume, Has Too Much Fun

What’s this?

Crystal Blue Persuasion!

Into the baggies . . .

It’s me, Walter White!

Welp, back to the grind.

The front . . .

The other front . . .

And thanks, Lydia, for setting this up with the Czechs! (Anachronisms!)

But why does he need two phones?

And what does this mean?

I’m the danger.

I’m the one who knocks!

Thanks to this site for providing the blue meth recipe. I got nervous about burning it and ruining the color and I ended up taking it off the burner a bit too early, so it didn’t quite get up to the optimal temperature and got mushy. Next time, no half measures. Thanks to Bob for encouraging me to make the rock candy, Denise for the blue dye, and Platte and Rob for the head-shaving tips. And special thanks to my wife for helping with EVERYTHING!

I really did shave my head. It took over an hour and a little bit of blood. I won a costume prize at work! Good times!



Here I am doing some business with my good friend, THE Wayne Campbell! Excellent! Everybody wins.


And I almost forgot to post this video of me busting up my cook:

9 thoughts on “Man Wears Walter White Costume, Has Too Much Fun

  1. These pictures are awesome! So glad the candy worked–although I’m sorry to hear it was a little soft. Full measures only next time. I’ve started a “Reader’s Submissions” section of that post with pictures of meth candy people have made, and I’d love to share one of your photos, fully credited and with a link back. Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in. Thanks, and Happy Halloween!

    Elizabeth [elizabeth at]

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! Yes, I saw the reader’s submissions section, please include me with the rest of those awesome folks! Thanks.

  3. It took me a few days to find the best deal and the right words to use to search for it, but I finally found this one (the cheapest one that looked most similar to the ones in the show) at the following site (if I’m not mistaken):

    I don’t know how much it is now, but when I bought it it was less than 20 bucks! And the logo on the chest is just a sticker that peels off.

  4. Hi Chris. I found the facemask goggle/respirator thing on ebay. It’s fake and it doesn’t actually fit over my face, so it only really worked to have it on my head. I’ll probably sell mine on ebay soon, actually. If/when I do that, I’ll post a link to it here. Thanks for checking out my post.

  5. For the Vamanos Pest logo on the bin, I just found an image online, printed it, and taped it on. I don’t remember the website I found it on. Google image search should work. Good luck!

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