Today’s my birthday. It’s been the best. Yeah I turned 30, what’s it to you? haha

To celebrate my birthday on Friday, a group of us at work went to 5 Star BBQ Company in Orem for lunch. Delicious.

On Saturday we had a bunch of people over for ice cream and Nintendo and general birthdaying. Wicked awesome.

Today Rebecca made me a huge breakfast and gave me presents. I got Portal 2, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Inception 2, and Pajama Pants 2.* She also made this really cool photo mosaic of Gavin, with one of my favorite photos of him. I’ll post a picture of it sometime, you’ll have to see it.

Around noon I was feelin’ a bit hungry, so I opened the fridge and…

Hey look, a sandwich

One of my birthday wishes was to walk up to the fridge at whatever time (probably lunch), open the door, and find a rad sandwich just sitting there, waiting for me to eat it. My wish came true.

Pictured: Heaven.

There’s even bacon, lettuce, tomato on it. Yes.

And to celebrate my birthday, Gavin ate his first Oreo.

It was a great few days. I’m typing all of this quickly but I think I covered most of everything. Thanks to everyone who helped make my birthday special, especially my lovely hot darling wife–love you babe! XO

*There isn’t really an Inception 2, so, hardee har har. But this is my 2nd pair of pajama pants, so the 2 applies everywhere else.

Thanks! Later.


2 thoughts on “30

  1. I quite like your blog in general rob. I’m glad you had a good birthday- and that sandwich DOES look heavenly.

  2. Glad you had a good weekend. It was a lot of fun for all of us. I love your birthday! xox

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