If you do this, my company will give you a $100 Amazon giftcard.

Here’s a copy-n-pasted email I got today at work. Let me know if you’re interested or have more questions. I work at VitalSmarts, and we’re developing a new 1-day training product based on our new book, Change Anything.


Subject: Default Future Videos

Hey Team,

We’re looking for a handful of people to participate in a handful of default future videos for the Change Anything website and we’d like to enlist your help!

We’re looking for people who have a long-standing bad habit or behavior that contributes to poor results in their life.  The only thing we’d like to capture on video is their default future statement, or what will their future look like if they are unable to change their behavior. We’re particularly interested in in 4 categories:

Career (ex. If I can’t learn to hold my tongue when things get tense in meetings, I’ll be passed over for that promotion and eventually be shown the door.)
Finance: (If I can’t curb my spending, we’re going to lose the house.)
Relationship: (If we don’t figure out a better way to discuss our marital problems, divorce just seems inevitable.)
Addiction: (If I continue smoking, lung cancer is likely in my future and I may never live to see my grandkids)

Please let me know if you, a family member, or friend would be interested in participating. This is a great chance to help on the new site and hopefully to help thousands of others visit their default future in order to kick-start the desire to change. We’re also offering the the interviewee a $100 gift card to Amazon for their time, and we’ll give you, the finder, a free lunch at Malawis Pizza.

We’re hoping to shoot these early next week, so act fast if you’re interested. Please email me with any candidate suggestion by Monday the 28th.



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