Saturday S.A.H.D.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 31st, is Rebecca’s first day back at work. That means it’s just me and the boy for about 10-and-a-half hours.

"Wait, you're leaving me with WHO? The MAN?!?"

It’ll be our first time alone in the house together for an extended period of time since he was born. I’ll try type a blog post about it later — that is, of course, if I make it through the day… Which I will, because he’s the greatest little guy!


3 thoughts on “Saturday S.A.H.D.

  1. Oh, and I just told Chris about this, and said, “Robbie’s nervous about being with the baby for 10 1/2 hours.” Ellie overheard, and she wants to know, “Why would he be nervous about being with his own baby for even like 5 seconds?” So, yeah, what’s your problem?

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