Those Angry Fellows

Season 4 of Mad Men starts this Sunday. I watched the first 3 seasons. It’s a great show, but I’m going to pass on watching season 4, mostly (if not only) because I’m trying to limit how many TV shows I watch. I’ve got enough entertainment on my plate already, especially playtimes with the boy.

Season 3 had some amazing moments. I think my favorite episode was SPOILER ALERT when Betty confronted Don about his secret past END OF SPOILERS. That was great. Overall it’s a very well-made drama series. But the more I’ve watched it, the more I’ve realized what my favorite thing about it is (you’ll have to open it in a new window; “embedding disabled by request”):

The opening credits. Pretty cool.

Here’s a Simpsons spoof of it, too.

(What is it with people disabling embedding? I know, I know, it’s to drive traffic to youtube, where they’ll see ads. Hey, advertising, like this tv show. Coincidence? Maybe. That’s all.)


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