A motorcycle is my dream

You, The Living

I just finished watching Roy Andersson’s 2007 film, You, The Living (Du Levande). As much as I absolutely love his previous film, Songs from the Second Floor (Sånger från andra våningen), which I’ve seen many times, I can’t say that I enjoyed this one as much. I appreciate Andersson’s unique, unconventional visual style, and his skill in crafting so much humor and profundity into his characters and scenes. Maybe it’s the difference in narrative structures that threw me off. Although Songs pleasantly meanders around here and there, it generally has a coherent plotline that follows a main character. You, The Living, however, seems to have several main characters and largely is made up of a series of vignettes that don’t necessarily tie together (at least, not overtly). The whole collective protagonist thing certainly isn’t a bad thing–take Miklós Jancsó’s The Red and the White, for example–it’s a stylistic choice.

Overall, it didn’t resonate with me, but it’s great artsy cinema that has some amazing (and hilarious) moments, so it was definitely worth the watch.

And, of course, if this blog was solely dedicated to reviewing movies, this would actually mean something.


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