quick thought about Lost

The whole big mystery thing in Lost makes the show both excellent and tough to handle. There are still unanswered questions about the what/why/how/etc with Lost that were raised in the series pilot. Lost raises more unanswered questions than this video, if you can believe that’s possible.

This is the final season. We’ve been promised answers. These promises, of course, mostly come from ABC’s promos for the show, because they know we’re all rabid for them. Paraphrasing: “I can give you the answers you’re looking for.” -Dogen to Sayid. “I’m here to tell you why you’re on this island.” -Smocke to Sawyer. The thing is, we’re almost halfway through this season and it feels like we haven’t been given any real answers yet. What gives? Characters we just met 4 weeks ago getting killed? No problem! Stuff happening in the alternate 2004? Fair enough! Let’s keep it moving.

Maybe it’s basic tv storytelling, and maybe it’s really obvious and goes without saying , but my theory is that these big answers are so big/weird/mind-blowing/outrageous/ridiculous, that if we were to suddenly find out everything in, for example, one big reveal during just one episode, too many people would be dissatisfied, disappointed, and forever posting comments on forums about how the show was great until blah blah blah. It would be a bigger scandal than that Dallas thing, with that one lady and the dad from Step by Step in the shower.

So instead, they’re taking it slow, getting us on board for the whole ride, so that when we do find out everything, the reaction will be “of course! wow” rather than “really? that?” And I hope it goes without saying that I’m aware that the mystery thing is what makes this interesting, as well as the well-crafted writing, production, acting, etc. Besides obvious little complaints here and there, this season’s great so far, we’ll see what happens.

Side notes: Is it getting dangerously close to Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions territory with the whole “being guided to decisions you would inevitably make” business? And Jack, please calm down and don’t break any more important-looking cool things.


3 thoughts on “quick thought about Lost

  1. Pace, that video is great. “Uh, waiter, are you going to serve us our food, or…”

    And I hear ya Mike. My goal is to one day be the man who aspires to be the man in the video.

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