I had surgery in my nose and it was okay: part 4, the final chapter

Hi gang.  [at the time I started typing this] It’s been exactly 8 months since my NSR/SMR surgery.  The “exactly” part is delightfully coincidental.

For anyone behind on this incredible TMI saga, feel free to catch up with Part One, Part Two, or even Part Three. Like I’ve said before, I wanted to type stuff about my own experience with this sort of thing for anyone on them innanets who’s in the situation I was in last May/June.

As I said in the comments section of part 3, I wanted to wait a long time before posting again, just to see how my new nose fares after a bunch of months once it’s healed as much as it’s ever going to heal and I’ve lived with it enough to know how it is.

In summary, it’s terrific.

It’s runny a lot, so I have to blow my nose more often than before, but that’s okay.

A couple months after my appointment I was noticing that my nose still gets a bit stuffy on one side or another when I’m laying in bed trying to going to sleep.  So I went in for another follow-up with my ENT.  He explained that that’s just a physiological norm–when you lay down, more blood goes to your head, and the nose gets a bit stuffier. In an ideal world, I’d like them to replace each nostril with 1-inch diameter steel tube implants, but it’s not a perfect world I guess, and my nose is so much better now.  Clear and fancy-free.  I would do it again.

Good luck to any of you readers who are considering getting an NSR/SMR or similar.


3 thoughts on “I had surgery in my nose and it was okay: part 4, the final chapter

  1. Thanks a ton for taking the time to get this information out there. I am having NSR, bilat SMR with cryo (I have no idea what cryo is but my ENT assures me I will like the end results.

    I actually was on/off steroids, antibiotics and nasal steroids for over 18 months about 3 years ago. I was always a big, big guy (Okay, Obese guy) but being on the ‘roids’ really damaged me. I put on over 100 lbs. In October 2008 I weighed 570lbs, today I weigh 230 lbs and my waist went from 76-78 to 38-40, 9-10XL shirts to an XL.

    I have come a long way and just put up with my sinus issues my whole life. I saw an ENT about 4 years ago who told me I just had allergies (dust mites). I got tired of it again and decided to see another ENT. He is great, simply great. I had a ct of my sinus cavity last week, saw him yesterday and he said I have a crooked nose. (Is that some sort of an Italian joke? Because if so that is my wife, I’m German/Dutch.)

    Anyhow, my new ENT setup a time for the surgery, Thursday Feb. 25th. He says it is virtually painless and I will breath like a champ in 2 weeks and be healed up in a month. I sure hope so.

    Thanks again for covering your NSR. I did the same thing during my weightloss, I figured losing 340 lbs in 15 months was reason enough for me to log it both via pictures and a blog.


    Oh, and I loved reading about the day in church, the reason you sit up front made me nearly spill my orange juice. I cannot help but think I will end up having some sort of issues at church now because I laughed at the thought of your church issues that day. I have surgery on a thursday so I at least have nore than one day to heal up before church.

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