app quit-o-rama

I play some games on Facebook, no big deal.  About a year ago I finally accepted a request to be a bunch of peoples’ neighbor in “Farmtown.”  My first impression of the game was that it seemed like it would be fun, but it also seemed like it would require constant daily attention to get anything done.  I don’t want that kind of commitment–I have enough other important things (TV shows and movies) on my plate as it is.

That’s when I started slowly drawing the line on what I would and wouldn’t play/do on Facebook, so that I wouldn’t have any more compulsive daily play-each-one-for-awhile sessions.  I quit Farmtown after playing it for maybe a minute (which, by the way, didn’t delete the character or farm I had created, which led one of my neices to believe that I was still playing; a few months later she told me that my farm was a mess and she’d been mowing my lawn for me for months, heh heh).  Later I quit Bejeweled Blitz (maybe that was less of a “I’m saving time” thing and more of a “it frustrates me beyond civilized verbal expression that my in-laws are always annihilating my scores” thing).

Now I’m finally planning to quit playing Mafia Wars as well.  On one hand, it’s a fun game.  On the other hand, it’s a lo-fi, text-based, I-could-probably-outsource-all-the-button-pushing-to-a-monkey application that rewards constant, daily attention to do it well. Why not just stop playing and leave the app there?  I dunno, it’s the principle of the thing I guess.  And by the way, don’t worry, I’m not one of those people who uses actual money to buy points in order to advance in the game.  Shudder.  Icky.

So unless someone can convince me otherwise, I’m deleting it veeerry soon.  Just as soon as I collect enough blackmail photos to complete all the jobs in the New York Boss tier.

And while we’re on the app subject, my advice to anyone who has ever taken a quiz on Facebook: go to ‘edit applications’ and delete all the quizzes.  You took the quiz already, you posted it to your wall, and now you don’t need it anymore.  If you leave the app there in your account, it’ll still have access to your personal information.  That’s how it works, right?  I think that’s how it works…  The internet is a series of tubes!

Ok later.


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