My First Photobomb

When I typed a post on Allie’s blog last week, I said I’d come up with an embarrassing story about her and post it in the comments section of the post a few days later.  Well, I couldn’t really think of any good stories, but here’s this:

On birthdays at my house, we would open presents in the morning before breakfast.  This was on Allie’s birthday in 1988.  This particular year, I guess Allie got a present in a long box, and unwrapped it real nicely.  I saw mom getting ready to take a picture, so I thought it’d be great if I did this:


We can all agree that this is a nice picture, sure, but the best part is that neither of them noticed me do this until after they got the roll of film developed.  In the moment I was sure that one of them would tell me to take that off my head for the picture, but that didn’t happen.



4 thoughts on “My First Photobomb

  1. Classic. We have a video of you doing something very similar to that when my parents were visiting you guys in England. The camera is panning over the birthday scene and there you ate in the background with a bag over your head. I liked it then and I like it now.

  2. Yeah, I’d be willing to bet a million bucks that if one of them had noticed, they would have told you to take it off. Very impressive photobomb for such a youngster! Have you really been that cool since 1988?!

  3. Ha ha, not embarassing at all! I love this picture!!! I remember a couple of years later trying to do the same thing on your birthday. But this is really the sort of thing that can only work once. Classic Robbie. The best.

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