Modest Mouse Concert 9/1/09

Rebecca and I went to the Modest Mouse concert on Tuesday in Salt Lake.  If you don’t know who Modest Mouse is, that’s too bad.  You might know them from this song, it played on MTV a lot when it came out (and you can play it in Rockband): Float On, or this song: Dashboard, and this one’s good: Ocean Breathes Salty.

The concert started at 8.  It was at a place called In The Venue.  It was sold out!  There was a line to get in.  It was standing room only.  We got a good little area on the right side of the room to stand in that gave us a good view of everybody on stage, especially the lead singer, who was on the side of the stage nearest us.

The opening band was The Night Marchers.  They were alright, fun, you know, as good as a band that isn’t the one you came to see can be.  The lead singer was funny.  During one of the songs, a lot of the teenage boys in front & center were moshing.  When the song ended, the lead singer said “I appreciate everybody who was slamdancing during that last song, that’s great…  Little boys, rubbing up against each other… dot com.  …That’s my website.”  Ha ha.  I guess you had to be there.

Modest Mouse was awesome.  Maybe it’s just because I don’t go to concerts very often at all, but they were just so much fun live.  There were a lot of songs I was hoping they’d play and they played a ton of them!


Here’s the setlist.  I’m not sure how accurate this is because the website I copied this from got the first encore song wrong, so I fixed it.

Gravity Rides Everything (Nice!)
Fly Trapped In A Jar
Never Ending Math Equation
3rd Planet (Awesome!)
Satellite Skin
Blame It On The Tetons (unexpected, great!)
King Rat
Here It Comes
Dashboard (Awesome!)
The Whale Song
The Good Times Are Killing Me (Yeah!)
The View (Love it!)
Spitting Venom (Really wanted to hear this live!)

Bury Me With It (Yeah!)
Tiny Cities Made of Ashes (Adrienne you’re so jealous)

After the first couple songs, lead singer Isaac Brock said that they had some broccoli and cauliflower that they weren’t going to eat, and offered to give it to someone as long as they promised not to throw it around and make a mess.  So, in addition to a rockin concert, two or three lucky individuals went home with some free veggies.

There was a guy next to Rebecca who kept jabbing her with his elbow whilst rocking out, so I switched spots with her.  Then the guy in front of her kept sticking his butt out behind him, thus invading her space.  It didn’t make sense.  Other than that, and the various forms of smoke, and the HEAT, we were fine.

At the beginning of Spitting Venom, after playing a couple of chords, there was a bit of feedback from an amp behind Brock.  He immediately yelled “WHAT THE F*** IS THAT?!” into the mic, took a few seconds to check it out, and then started the song over.  Awesome.  Now I might start reacting like that to things at work, as an homage.

At the beginning and at the end of the Encore, Brock said “Uh oh, Spaghetti O’s!”  Huh?  Awesome.

So there it is, the summary with some highlights.  It was totally rad.  If you don’t know the band, I recommend starting with Good News For People Who Love Bad News, it’s my current favorite album of theirs.


2 thoughts on “Modest Mouse Concert 9/1/09

  1. Yeah, it was an unbelievably awesome concert!! I agree with Rob; if you don’t know Modest Mouse, start with Good News For People Who Love Bad News–that album made me fall in love with them.

  2. If you ever react like that singer did – you’ve GOT to get it on tape 🙂 You know, for posterity (and blackmail and all that good stuff)

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