Found Anthropomorphic Cell Phone Photography 2

Hallway setup, apartment sliding door (2), trail near Foothill, bedroom wall, nightstand.

1 SSPX0539

2 SSPX0551

3 SSPX0550

4 SSPX0553

5 SSPX0554

6 nightstand


3 thoughts on “Found Anthropomorphic Cell Phone Photography 2

  1. Oh, I love that rock! I think it might be outdone by the screaming face on the sliding door, though. It’s a tough call.

  2. Ellie saw these pictures, and she said, “Hey, Mama, that rocko has a face!” She loves all rockos, but ones with a face, that’s priceless!

    Okay, there’s this site called Spontaneous Smiley
    where you need to submit these photos, and the ones from the first post.

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