Estimated Time Remaining

I use Final Cut Studio to edit video content at work.  Sometimes Final Cut Pro sees a difficult part in a video and has a hissy fit about how long it’s going to take to render everything after that.

11 weeks

Heh heh, amusing.  It’s a 2-hour sequence, and it’ll really only take a few hours (as long as Final Cut doesn’t crash on me, it’s been doing that lately).


3 thoughts on “Estimated Time Remaining

  1. Don’t let Final Cut Pro hear you talking such trash about it–it’s very sensitive! If you hurt its feelings, you probably WILL have to wait 11 weeks to render your precious video–how would you like that?!

  2. Haha, you’re probably right, I may have been too harsh. Just joshin ya, FCP. Go ahead and crash as many times as you want.

  3. Again, still too harsh with the crashing thing… please forgive me, we’ll edit some crazy fun wholesome footage together this weekend, I promise.

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