Internet Movie Database

I worked on a bunch of films (mostly students’) during my time in film school (2004-2007).  Camera crew, producing, writing, gaffing, whatever.  This means I have a few credits on a small handful of stuff.

In 2006 I co-produced the short film Bubbie, which is an endearing Yiddish slang word for “grandma.”  It’s a great film (won some great recognition at some festivals!), I’m proud to have been a part of it, and it was great to work with Matthew Schramer, the writer/director; Lauren Moss, producer; Cole Webley, director of photography; and everyone else.  Very talented people who are still out doing great things.

So anyway, if you search my name on, here’s what you see:

Picture 3

Heh heh.  I just think it’s funny that the human brain, upon seeing this juxtaposition, may associate/connect my name with this image, thus creating [unintended] meaning.  Thanks, Eisenstein!


One thought on “Internet Movie Database

  1. I like how when you look up your name, the title that shows up next to it is “Mr. Dungbeetle” I think you should walk around telling people , “They call me Mister Dungbeetle!!!”

    I also like how apparently you were the best boy in the loss of a wrestling match. Those crazy film words get me every time.

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