When I was 9, my family moved from Oklahoma to England, and then when I was 14, we moved to Utah.  My mom took me clothes shopping before school started.  There was this one guy at my school in England, from the U.S., who had an Alonzo Mourning jersey.  He was a cool guy, and I had/have no ties to any sports teams–except the Utah Jazz, now that I’ve called Utah home for more time than any other place, even though I’ve still never been to a Jazz game–so I decided it’d be cool to have one of those, too.  That’s it.


It was expensive but I guess my mom was okay with buying it because she’s nice, wanted me to fit in, and was probably operating under the assumption that I knew what to wear in order to fit in.

The jersey became part of my 1-2 week rotation of clothes.  But, after a couple of months, I stopped wearing it due to the unprecedented amount of attention it attracted.  Rather than just being a thing that I wore over a t-shirt for no reason other than I thought it might look cool, it was becoming a statement in the minds of others of who I am and what I represent: Zo, of the Charlotte Hornets (and not the Jazz–uh oh).  I’m pretty sure I’ve never even seen him play.

I’ve kept it around for all these years thinking that I’d wear it again; maybe for a video I might make, or whilst “shooting hoops” with the “gang.”  Instead, it’s just sat in a drawer.  Which is why it’s so wrinkled in the above photo.

So… anyone want a free official #33 Charlotte Hornets NBA jersey from 1995?  If you live far away, you’ll have to pay for the shipping.


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