On Posting Boring Things That Only Strangers Would Find Interesting

You may have seen this already.  Or, if you’ve been part of the shindig since the beginning, you may have seen this as well.  If you didn’t/don’t ever read those, then congratulations, you didn’t miss anything.

You may ask yourself, “Is he under the delusion that he’s writing articles for a magazine about how to accomplish really unremarkable technological tasks in terribly backward yet effective ways?”

The answer is “no,” but here’s a screenshot, from today, of the Stats window on my WordPress Dashboard.


How are people finding my blog?  By searching for ways to put custom ringtones on their Samsung M520 cell phones, that’s how.  Heh heh, yep.  So, hopefully, the this-probably-doesn’t-belong-in-a-typical-personal-blog-but-oh-well junk I’ve figured out and posted is at least useful for somebody somewhere out there on them innanets.

So then why not just, friggin, host two or three separate blogs to keep things neatly separated?  Because No, that’s why.


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