I Have A Sketchbook


It’s really none of anyone’s business, but a little over a year ago I bought an 11 x 8.5 inch sketchbook and started drawing something in it every day.

I won’t post everything I’ve drawn, just whatever I feel like sharing.  I’ll try not to offer any explanation.

I’ve missed a couple of days here and there, and many drawings obviously reflect an “oh yeah, I’m supposed to draw in this stupid thing today, I’m sleepy, let’s get it over with” sentiment.  If I’m an artist at all, my area of emphasis is in the ‘talking pictures’  realm, and not drawing.  But, overall, it’s been a really cool experience to attempt to do something creative once per day, and I recommend it to everyone, because I’m just self-righteous enough to recommend that everyone do something that I do.

This particular drawing demonstrates that I sometimes/often draw things too close to other drawings from different days on the same page (note the uneven horizontal line near the top of the frame).



One thought on “I Have A Sketchbook

  1. I win the prestige of being the first person to comment on your blog, ever! Yay for me!

    I love your artwork because it’s unique and totally you. My favorite thing you’ve drawn (apart from “Harry the Sheep”) is the woohoo guy in your Blur video. But I like this dude’s hair.

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