One of those emails

I found this in my secondary email inbox today:


From: INFO DEPT <>

Subject: Attn: Sir/Madam

Attn: Sir/Madam,

contact the below accredited claims officer for your winning
sum of 1,000,000 Euro as your E-mail address emerged winner in the
POWERBALL LOTTERY seasonal e-mail promotion organized in
United Kingdom.

Mr.  Freeman

Best Wishes,
Mrs Diana
Online Co-ordinator.


It’s certainly not the first of its kind that I’ve received, and I hope and pray it’s not the last.  (It’s spam email, by the way, for any of you reading this in 1992.)

Anyway, I hit ‘reply’ and sent this:


Dear Sir/Madam,

You are a douchebag.

Kind regards,
Mr.  Robert


Maybe this was a bad idea, because, well, I’m just that paranoid.  Now a questionable group of people have my first and last name, my email address, and the word “douchebag.”  Are Mrs Diana and Martin Freeman going to find me and do things to me?

Go to your windows, yell “I’m mad as hell,” etc.


One thought on “One of those emails

  1. Nice. My favorite is replying to the craigslist bots. They always thank me for being willing to ship to their son in Ghana.

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