Don’t Expect Anything

Blogging Frequency:

I’ll [probably] never begin a post with a paragraph that acknowledges and/or explains the amount of time between posts.  Months, years, I don’t want to bore anyone, including a non-human, electronic, vacuous, and potentially unread space on the internet/interweb/triple W.

Analogy for Starting a Blog:

I never want to be the guy who announces to all of his family and friends and colleagues and neighbors and ecclesiastical leaders and pets that he’s going to start going to the gym and working out five times a week, and he’s all enthusiastic and perfectly bright-eyed about it, and it all goes well for 2 weeks or maybe even a month, but then something happens, or not, or whatever, and he just gives up and it becomes a failed attempt at something we all know would have led to better things in the world if only it were to be carried on interminably with a lasting sense of undying commitment.  Let’s take things slow.  Get to know each other.



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