Halloween ’08, Suckas

For Halloween this year I decided to combine my two favorite things in the world–80’s television shows and zombies–into one magnum opus of a costume, Zombie Mr. Belvedere.

That’s right kids, but it maybe sounds cooler than it actually looks, so curb your enthusiasm for now.  And yes, I just used the title of Larry David’s hilarious show in a working sentence.  It was the most fitting thing I could think of.

Nobody really knew what my costume was supposed to be without me telling them.  One guy guessed Mr. Belvedere pretty easily, but others struggled.  I swiped a feather duster from the janitor’s closet at work and walked around with it all day, just to help the whole Belvedere thing to sink in.  That, and speaking with my not-as-good-as-it-was-14-years-ago British accent.  The only 2 things missing were more hair, and a prepared barrage of hilarious sitcom-style zingers.

Anyway, aside from the gross fake moustache that kept falling off every 30 seconds, it was fun.  I had white makeup on my face with some subtle (perhaps too subtle?) blood streaks coming out of my mouth.  Overall, I guess you could say I wasn’t as concerned about the delivery as I was about being able to tell people what my costume was.  Maybe someday if I feel like it I’ll upload a picture of it.

Next year I’ll be something recognizable.  I already know what I want it to be, but I don’t think I know enough about electronics to do it . . .

Also, that morning at work, 2 guys dressed up in camo and hid in the bushes in front of the building.  Bob and I videotaped them scaring people as they walked over from the parking lot.  Pretty fun.  Here’s the link to that.


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